For many women unfamiliar with firearms, there is a nautral trepidation towards learning how to use them. I didn’t grow up around guns and remember very distinctly the emotions that came when I first handled a firearm. Its potential for destruction was as intimidating as it was fascinating. Of course my ego wanted instantaneous mastery, but there was a lingering doubt that i might not ever be able to become truly proficient.

Luckily for me, i was fortunate enough to receive training from some of the best firearms instructors in the industry, quickly erasing any doubts i had. Without proper instruction however, some folks will never get off the ground.

Recently, a woman that I could have easily shared coffee with as a friend, had come to me seeking instruction. Something as simple as working the action on her pistol seemed like an impossibility to her. After years of someone else consistently doing it for her, she had convinced herself that she didn’t have the strength to do it on her own. Furthermore, anytime there was a malfunction she would automatically hand her gun over for ‘fixing’. This may work on a controlled range with a paper silhouette but in the real world a sitting duck is a dead duck, plain and simple.

I'm no guru on the range but after we had spent only two hours that day taking it back to basics, there was a dramatic improvement. Years of “I can’t” vanished instantly and it was pretty inspiring to witness. As fate would have it her gun would also malfunction giving us the perfect ‘teachable moment’. Instinctually she went to hand it to me but I refused, saying “No you’re going to fix this. I’ll walk you through it, but you’re going to do it yourself and this is how”. Her face lit up with pride and astonishment when she managed to do everything completely on her own and without struggle.

Her shooting improved as well, with tighter groups than ever before. The reality was that she was a naturally gifted shooter but her mindset had robbed her of any self confidence and rendered her virtually helpless.

So ladies, do yourselves a favor and make sure you get quality instruction on the fundamentals. Your shooting will improve, and you'll have way more fun.