Electronic Locks

Electronic Locks

At the heart of your gun safes' security is the locking mechanism. Without a quality lock for your safe, it's simply a very heavy closet. At Rhino Metals we use Sargent and Greenleaf locks on our premium safes, these locks are trusted by thousands of consumers as well as the U.S. Treasury Department.

Our Kodiak line of safes are equipped with UL Listed, commercial grade Type 1 electronic locks. UL is Underwriters Laboratories and is the world leader in testing and certifying safety equipment. The standards set for both electronic and mechanical locks by UL is staggering. Some of these standards include a “20 hour test” where the lock combination cannot be guessed by someone trying for 20 hours. Electronic locks like those found on many Rhino Metals guns safes are capable of over 1 million different six digit combinations.

Our Rhino USA and Ironworks Series Safes come with the Sargent and Greenleaf EMP Resistant UL listed lock. EMP is electromagnetic pulse, this is a burst of electromagnetic energy that can destroy electronic components. Having an EMP resistant lock on your safe guarantees your access even after a devastating attack. These locks are proven to withstand military level EMP attacks.

The type of lock you have on your safe is important and you should regularly check it for functionality. We recommend changing the batteries in your electronic lock as often as you change your smoke detector batteries. This ensures it is always ready when you need it.