Recently, a friend told me how he was woken up by his 2-year-old pointing his concealed carry weapon point blank at his face and saying "bang, daddy". He was clearly shaken by the event and definitely had a new level of commitment to gun safety in his home. His close call illustrates how catastrophe is always lurking for the moment any gun owner gets careless.

As gun owners, we can expose ourselves and our families to significant risks if we aren't especially careful. Training our families in proper gun safety is crucial and goes along way but it's not always enough. Some children are just too young to train and there's usually some risk of untrained visitors occasionally visiting your home (your kid's friends, your friends, etc.)

Restricting access is the logical next step to reducing risk. Many options exist (gun safes, pistol boxes, gun cabinets, and trigger locks to name a few.) All are great ways to restrict access when you need to. A combination of these solutions in your home will allow you to keep home defense firearms available to you if you need them but not accessible to others.

Rather than getting one big gun safe, some customers have opted to get two smaller safes and place them each in different parts of the home. The added benefit of this solution is that it also complicates things for any would be burglar