Recently I made a switch in homeowners insurance. The agent asked if I needed extra protection for my guns. I didn't know what to say, I'd never been asked this before. I assumed all these years that my hunting firearms were protected under my standard homeowner’s insurance policies (and renter’s insurance policies) I carried the last 15+ years. So what was with this agent? Was he trying to sell me something I didn't need to make a few extra bucks? I asked for an explanation and after hearing what he had to say and in doing a little research on my own, turns out he wasn't trying to "upsell" me. He knew I was a hunter and actually was asking me the right questions in an effort to protect the thousands of dollars’ worth of firearms that most hunters have in their home.

Your guns are covered, BUT...

Yes, your guns are covered under your basic homeowner’s policy. The policy covers things like loss to fire or theft. Because I was never asked about my guns before doesn't mean I didn't have some coverage under my homeowner’s insurance policy. BUT like most insurance policies there are limits, and this includes your guns. What this insurance agent told me was if I owned more than 2-3 guns I ought to think about purchasing extra coverage. The policy I was about to purchase covered a maximum limit of about $2500 if I were to lose my firearms due to some catastrophic event in my home. After some research it looks like most policies cover anywhere from $1500-$3000. This might be somewhat of a reality check to hunters because a single gun can easily make up this maximum limit. A lot of people across our country are well served by the protections in a standard homeowner or renter policy, but many of us hunting enthusiasts might not be. If you think your policy might be shorting you coverage of your hunting guns, talk to your agent and purchase a policy add-on to safeguard your hunting collection for fairly cheap. There are also separate companies and policies that specialize in firearms like ArmsCare Plus Firearms Insurance.

A Safe as an Extra Insurance Policy

Besides having a good homeowner’s insurance policy every hunter should have a quality gun safe to protect those firearms from fire and theft. As previously stated, loss to fire and thieves are the main threats to your gun collection. A good solid safe can protect guns from both of these threats as well as keeping your firearms away from unauthorized users. Another thing to ask your agent is if they offer some kind of discount or additional coverage if you keep your guns in a safe. Some policies may reward homeowners who keep their valuables protected in a safe. Regardless, a safe will protect those guns from catastrophe like fire and from scumbag thieves. A quality safe is like your own extra insurance policy.

This Rhino Metals Safe customer lost their house to a fire but were able to save the guns and important documents inside.

We're not talking those chintzy safes from Walmart either. Those aren't going to keep thieves out or protect them from a house fire. If you're going to get a safe, then get one that will actually protect your guns (or other items you want protected).  

Remember, the only person who is going to protect your investment in guns is you; ask your insurance agent what is covered and up to what limit. If you haven't had this important discussion with your agent then you too may be under-insured. A quality safe is a no-brainer and always a great investment!