Longhorn Small Gun Safes

Longhorn Small Gun Safes

We know that not everyone has a huge gun collection. Some people simply need to keep family documents and a pistol locked away and safe from thieves and fire. Rhino Metals offers several sizes of small safes with many different price points to fit you and your family’s needs. Our Longhorn series of small safes are available in three sizes.

The smallest Longhorn, the LSB1014 (10”Hx14”Wx10”D) isn’t short on features. Made of 14 gauge steel and featuring an anti-pry door the LSB1014 is perfect for jewelry and other small items, protected with a fully upholstered leatherette interior fabric. Large door bolts provide two sided protection from attacks.

The Longhorn LSB1818 (18”Hx18”Wx14”D) is the medium sized safe in this series and features a 60 minute fire rating. The LSB1818 has a full line of features usually only found on full sized safes. Construction is 14 gauge steel and a UL listed type 1 electronic lock comes standard. The body features external corner reinforcements along attack points for added security and the door has a recess for anti-prying. Inside is one shelf perfect for holding family papers and a small firearm.

The Longhorn LSB2418 (24”Hx18”Wx16”D) is the largest in this series and is 60 minute fire rated. The LSB2418 has an internal anti-tamper latch, anti-punch, and anti-drill boltworks for maximum security. The safe is constructed from 14 gauge steel and has a UL listed commercial grade Type 1 electronic lock.

All Longhorn safes are handcrafted and feature our unique antiqued and distressed look. No two are alike. Each one is specially crafted and is no doubt going to provide you and your family with generations of security and peace of mind.