I was fortunate to learn from some of the best in the industry including Tier 1 professionals like Larry Vickers and Kyle Dafoor. 

One of the best lessons I’ve learned from Vickers was that training romantic partners is a challenge no matter how great the teaching may be. Like i mentioned in the first blog, sometimes our egos wont let us accept instruction from those closest to us, especially our romantic partners.

So guys, Save date night at the range for fun times and target practice but do yourselves a favor and buy your wife a class taught elsewhere. Let’s be real, it’s just as much a gift to you.Encourage her to train with as many top-notch instructors that she can. Who knows, you may just be married to a hidden marksman.

And women.....Do your part by taking some initiative. Educating yourself is important and may save your life. Chances are, that nagging boyfriend or husband is genuinely concerned for your safety, so why aren’t you? The first time you pick up a gun shouldn’t be in the middle of a home invasion. An organization like the Well-Armed Woman, is a fantastic place for you to meet other like-minded women in your area. Start by seeking classes wherever you feel most comfortable whether they’re for women only, private lessons or even a mixed group class. Learn to master the basics in an environment that inspires you to venture even further.

In the end, as a couple you may find your own inner Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Training can become a lifestyle successfully shared when the foundation is properly laid. Seek to strengthen the team by learning first to be strong on your own. Romance isn’t dead its just being redefined.