Rhino Metals Furniture

Rhino Metals Furniture

Decorating an office can be a chore. Rhino Metals team of artisans make it easy. We have hand built beautiful and functional furniture that will give your space a unique look as well as last several generations. Each piece of Rhino Metals furniture is hand distressed and antiqued for a unique look on each piece.

The pinnacle of any office space is always the desk. The command center if you will. Our The Rhino Ironworks Executive Desk joins beauty and functionality in an industrial way. Constructed from 12 gauge steel and featuring the same heavy duty drawer system as our famous Tool Chests, this desk is a conversation piece as much as a work station. Our inspiration comes from old style military commander’s desk and with our own hand craft touches, we know this piece will make you more productive.

To compliment the Ironworks Executive Desk, we have created the Ironworks Credenza. Our Credenza features a 16 gauge steel body and a 12 gauge tabletop guaranteed to hold even the heaviest work load. We offer the Credenza in to depths, 18” or 24”, to ensure it fits your space perfectly. Adjustable shelves inside make putting your mini refrigerator out of sight easy.

What office isn’t complete without the filing cabinet? Of course at Rhino Metals we couldn’t have just any plain old filing cabinet, we built one that isn’t just functional but is a masterpiece. We aren’t saying our filing cabinet belongs next to Mona Lisa in The Louvre but it certainly is almost as appealing. Our filing cabinet is made from 16 gauge steel and comes standard with 200 pound rated ball bearing drawers. Load it up with files or your brick collection, either way it is up to the task.

Rhino Metals is proud to offer a full line of furniture that is perfect for your home or office. Each piece is meticulously hand-crafted and made to order. If you are looking for eye catching, unique, and indestructible furniture look no further than Rhino Metals.