Rhino Metals Ironworks Vault Doors

Rhino Metals Ironworks Vault Doors

Having a secure room in your home is easier now than it has ever been. We all know that the weak point to a secure room is the door so we at Rhino Metals made a door. Not just any door mind you, a vault door that brings beauty, craftsmanship, and security to its peak.

Our vault doors are made using the highest quality, heavy duty, 12 gauge steel. We beef this up even more with a ¼” steel face and a 12 gauge reinforcing plate around the perimeter. For a door of this caliber we also have made a ¼” thick steel door frame that is eight inches deep.

These vault doors are the standard 80” height and we offer four different widths for a custom fit. Widths available are 30”, 35”, 40”, and 45”. Our vault doors feature 14 door bolts total on three sides. Each of these bolts are 1.25” in diameter for maximum security. We also incorporate spring loaded re-lockers in case of an attack or tampering. Re-lockers require hours of labor to defeat.

Each Vault door features ball bearing drill plates, our patented Anti-Tamper clutched handle and Anti-Punch and Anti-Drill boltworks. A UL listed manual lock is standard and a UL listed electronic lock is an optional upgrade.

Rhino Metals Ironworks Vault Doors are hand finished in our unique antiquated and distressed look for a one of a kind piece that will last generations. We incorporate a classically styled three spoke, cast iron, hand wheel for operation and each door also comes standard with an internal release mechanism for safety.