Why you should have a dehumidifier in your safe

Why you should have a dehumidifier in your safe

Humidity is simply moisture in the atmosphere. Some locations around the U.S. have little to no humidity while others, like Houston, Texas, have incredibly high humidity. No matter where you live, take humidity into account when storing items in your gun safe. We offer three types of dehumidifiers for use in our safes. Each one has benefits that you should consider.

A dehumidifier works by removing moisture from the air. Inside a gun safe is a relatively small area so controlling the humidity inside can be relatively easy when using one of these products. You should try to keep the relative humidity in your safe below 50% assuming a temperature of around 70 F. As temperature increasess, air can hold more water moisture. Air with 50% relative humidity at 95 F, has more moisture in it than the same relative humidity at 70F. Relative humidity can be measured with a hygrometer. (Grainger currently sells a digital hygrometer that shows both temperature and relative humidity for around $12.00)

The simplest method is putting one of our re-usable Silica Gel Dehumidifiers in the safe. Silica gel packets are the things you see in packets of beef jerky. The silica gel absorbs and holds the moisture from the air. These can be very effective in areas with naturally low humidity. An indicator on the dehumidifier package changes color to show you when the silica gel beads are fully saturated. The moisture can be cooked out of the dehumidifier in your kitchen oven and then the unit is ready for use again.

The Eva-Dry dehumidifier is another silica gel filled system except it can be reactivated by simply plugging it into a power outlet. The silica will indicate it is full when the beads turn from blue to pink. Times between reactivation will vary based on safe size and humidity.

The no-maintenance option is our 12” electric dehumidifier rod. To install, you route the cord end through the hole drilled in the back of your safe and then install the included plug to the end of the cord. If your safe comes with an internal electric outlet, you can simply plug it in. This dehumidifier is a large resistor inside a tube that heats itself up and warms the air inside your safe to several degrees above ambient temperatures. Raise the temperature of the air mass inside your safe, and the relative humidity goes down.

Each of the options will provide varying levels of humidity reduction, which is key for storing items inside your gun safe, rust free. As the saying goes, a gun’s enemies are rust and politicians. At least one of those are easy to control.