Baret Fawbush is a preacher from Poseyville, Indiana, with one of the fastest draws from concealment ever. Wielding his Glock for the flock, he keeps busy showing his loyal following how to prepare for the worst with his quick draw (from concealment) at a mind blowing, earth shattering, three rounds on target at .90 of a second. Take a second to chew on that. Just a “regular guy” with no military or law enforcement credentials, Baret shatters conventional firearm standards and provides you with the tools to do it too. Follow Baret on Instagram to get fresh reviews on the latest cutting edge technology and equipment in our industry.




Bree Michael Warner, the enigma behind the Tactigal Inc. which aims to inspire and empower a growing female shooter community through lifestyle blogs, firearms training for women by women and forthcoming educational videos. A skilled shooter and NRA certified firearms instructor, Warner continues to hone those skills with the who’s who of retired Special Operations personnel. Her personal mission to inspire other women and dispel gender bias in a largely male dominated industry is only part of her story.  Setting her apart is a diverse and unexpected history in Hollywood-land working in film and television since graduating from the University of Southern California.  From her early days on the Award winning HBO series Six Feet Under in a role specifically written for her, Warner emerged with a surging momentum in the world of television. She lit up opposite Mathew Fox (“Haunted”), went toe to toe against Jill Hennesy (“Crossing Jordan”), laughed out loud with Miranda Cosgrove (“iCarly”) and even fell apart in the arms of Anthony LaPaglia (“Without A Trace”). Warner’s a juggling Star Trek Geek who can handle a Full Auto Assault Rifle and is no stranger to high octane sets like the drama feature Officer Down playing Detective Brogan opposite Stephen Dorff, James Woods and Stephen Lang. Known for her chameleon-like qualities, she continues to give notable performances in both Television and Film including most recently as an on air host at GunTV.  The innovative programming provided a game-changing platform in which Warner could successfully bridge her work as an actor and firearms enthusiast. The segue from drama television to real life developed even further after taking on the challenge of joining a large New York Police Agency as an Auxiliary Police Officer.  An advocate for giving back, working alongside other members of service has been an incredibly rewarding journey and proves that we should never stop exploring our next chapter. With a passion for shooting, law enforcement and our all-important 2nd Amendment Rights, Warner strives to promote a positive representation of an empowered Pro 2A woman. Don’t forget to check out Bree’s Instagram account for a “splash of sass with a whole lot of faith, fashion, and gunpowder.”